About Us

We're a family that loves seeing people reach their potential. Developing clean, premium supplements is just one way we help people do that. 

We created CreaLife to break creatine free from the gym and make it accessible to everyone. 

Here's why we're so stoked about CreaLife. 

Creatine has been around for decades. It's been proven safe and effective for exercise performance in thousands of studies. More recently, it's been proven effective for brain health as well, making it the original nootropic.

We've all personally have seen massive gains from taking creatine. After researching more, we found that it's really foundational nutrition for anyone with an active life. Men, women, young and old. 

So we asked, "Why isn't everyone taking this?"


People think creatine is for gym bros. We know this because we own a personal training studio and and none of our clients were taking this wonder supplement. They either hadn't heard of it or found it kind of scary. 

We don't blame them. All they've seen previously is big jugs of cheap creatine from China that dudes bro scoop into their mouths before heading to the gym. Or they've heard about it in juiced up pre-workouts with ridiculous names - all loaded with stimulants and weird, artificial stuff. Ugh.


We wanted a solution that breaks creatine free from the gym and makes it a daily health supplement. Here's how we did it:

ABSOLUTE HIGHEST QUALITY: Our creatine is called Creavitalis and comes from Germany. It's micronized and is the purest creatine in the world. It's vegan friendly too. 

COMBINE WITH ANOTHER POWER PACKED INGREDIENT: We were looking for another ingredient with the research-backed pedigree of creatine but that is more approachable for everyone. And oh boy, did we find that ingredient - tart cherry. The research around endurance, muscle recovery, inflammation, and reduction in uric acid is epic. It might even help sleep. This is one of the top antioxidant super foods on the planet and we use the highest quality form - CherryPURE.

AWESOME FLAVOR BUT CAFFEINE FREE: We didn't want this to be seen as another lame pre-workout drink. It's something that people should enjoy drinking any time of the day or night. So we made it caffeine free and naturally sweetened. 

That's how we ended up with CreaLife. Produced in the USA in a GMP-certified facility and tested for purity.

Future products will also be creatine-based and have other power packed ingredients that are foundational to active and healthy living. Stay tuned for those. 

Thanks for being on this journey with us. Please tell your friends and family about CreaLife because word of mouth is extremely valuable as we grow. Your friends and family will benefit from introducing these amazing nutrients into their lives. 

Feel free to reach out to us at info@livecrealife.com with any questions, suggestions, or success stories. 

God bless,

Jeff, Carol, and family